Donate for families struggling to survive for food and other essential things in Covid-19’s second wave

अल्पमपि क्षितौ क्षिप्तं वटबीजं प्रवर्धते ।
जलयोगात् यथा दानात् पुण्यवृक्षोऽपि वर्धते ॥

Donate for the hungry poor people who effected due to Lockdown.
thousands of people depended on small jobs and earn 6000 to 10000 per month and due to lockdon, now a days they are in the worst situation, even they thinking about their 2 time food to be alive.

We are helping people to survive in this worst situation. We know its really hard time for every Indians. but we are safely staying at home end living better then those people who feeling the pain of hunger

We are trying to save them with ration kits. So give your hand to them by donating.

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IFSC: INDB0001028 (Swift for foreign nationals: INDBINBBLUL )


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Anyone suffering for food due to Covid-19 situation, please send your details to us. we will help you as much as we can.






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